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About Us

Safety Data Source (SDS) is a division of Service Radio Rentals and Industrial Blind Solutions. The focus of SDS is to provide contractors with assistance in the safety prequalification process while promoting a proactive approach to safety within the organization.

Safety Data Source offers a solution by taking these <me consuming hassles out of the contractor's hands and providing 100% acceptance with third party verifiers, usually within 72 hours. . Each level of membership offers varying levels of assistance.

Mission Statement:

SDS, a problem-solving company, strives to achieve a high level of service and value, and to be a solutions innovator in the safety compliance industry.

Customer Testimonials:

"We are a small construction company and work in various chemical plants in and around the Houston area that require third-party verification. The various requirements can be a nightmare and the website can be difficult to maneuver. SDS got us up and running on all of the requirements and saved us a tremendous amount of time and stress. I recommend SDS to anyone who is having a difficult time with the third-party verification process." - Coastal Foundation Drilling Co.

"SDS provides a valuable service to Tray-Tec, Inc. in maintaining our safety compliance. The tremendous amount of information required for third party verification companies can be overwhelming to small contractors. SDS's knowledge of the requirements, quick responses and hands-on approach is greatly appreciated. And, in addition, their services are affordable. We would highly recommend SDS's services to other contractors." - Tray-Tec, Inc.

"SDS's HSE knowledge and knowledge of the new SEMS regulations has made overhauling our safety program easy. SDS has worked right along with our Management team and HSE team to make sure that we are implementing changes that work specifically for our company, customers and business. They are masters of creating custom HSE plans that are specifically designed for their clients' HSE success. Airdyne is so grateful for our partnership with SDS." - Airdyne

"The Signature Group is very pleased with the effort of SDS. SDS has really helped save me time in dealing with third-party verifiers. Their knowledge in these areas is GREAT. They stay on top of all the problems that arise and until it is resolved. I am glad I met our consultant, and SDS. I recommend you use SDS as your third party consultant." The Signature Group

"I am a small company who deals with large industrial refineries and all of their safety requirements. I struggled to keep my company in compliance with the various agencies we were required to be a member of. I knew I was in over my head and needed the help of a professional. That’s when I met Safety Data Sources. SDS worked with me to come up with a plan that would meet not only my safety requirements but a plan that worked within my budget. I can’t thank SDS enough for taking care of this for me. I would recommend SDS to any size company." Patricia Rosier, Primero Industrial Services, Ltd.